Review: Aggretsuko Season 3

Season 3 of Aggretsuko was released on Netflix this weekend. My wife and I binged the whole thing and now I’m here to discuss my thoughts on the season with you. This review will be spoiler-filled. Do not read it if you haven’t watched all of Season 3. If you’d like to know my thoughts on the series as a whole, click here to read last week’s blog entry.

I’ll be straight with you. I didn’t love this season. It was my least favorite season of the show so far. As we discussed last week, this show appeals to me because it is wholesome, and it discusses real life questions that many people face in real life. This season went another direction.

Let’s quickly recap the story. Retsuko falls in love with her VR boyfriend and loses all of her cash on microtransactions (I did like this bit, it was funny). She then gets in a car accident and owes a man a couple thousand dollars. She doesn’t have enough money to feed herself, let alone pay off her debts. So, her debtor employs her. He manages a trio of pop singers that he is trying to make into idols. He hires Retsuko to run their finances, as she works as an accountant for her day job. She helps them out financially, and then the manager discovers her metal singing abilities. He puts her front and center in the band. He changes the music to match her talents. She becomes an idol.

Meanwhile, her coworker Haida is still obsessing over her. He gets an opportunity to date another girl in the office named Inui who really likes him, but he can’t give up on his infatuation with Retsuko. He even helps teach her guitar. He totally blows his chance with Inui.

Things come to a head when Retsuko is tailed by a stalker who has a knife and wants to hurt and/or kill her. Haida tackles him and saves Retsuko. Haida confesses his love to her, which she finds unhelpful. She quits her band and her life returns to normal. There is still no indication that she has romantic interest in Haida.

And that’s it. That’s basically the whole story. It was very strange. On one hand, I get why the writers would take the story in this direction. Retsuko is a gifted singer, so it makes sense for her to experiment with using her abilities in public. But in the end, everything is reset to zero. Nothing has changed. It felt like a one-off episode but it was turned into an entire season.

I didn’t love this story. I found it wholly unrelatable. There are pop stars in the world, and it might be relevant to them. But most people are not pop stars. I cannot put myself in her shoes this time around.

I also find Haida frustrating. He keeps veering further and further into Nice Guy territory. He finally had a chance to move on with his life, but he didn’t take it. I feel sure that if the show continues, we’ll eventually see him and Retsuko end up together, which I absolutely don’t want. You don’t get to pester someone into loving you. That’s not how life works. I dread that day (and I hope I’m wrong about this).

The animation of this season was good. The music was excellent. Voice acting was as solid as ever. This season was well-made. It just didn’t speak to me. I feel that the writers strayed from what makes the show wonderful. I hope the show gets more seasons, and I hope that future seasons are a return to normalcy.

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