Review: Aggretsuko Season 3

Season 3 of Aggretsuko was released on Netflix this weekend. My wife and I binged the whole thing and now I’m here to discuss my thoughts on the season with you. This review will be spoiler-filled. Do not read it if you haven’t watched all of Season 3. If you’d like to know my thoughtsContinue reading “Review: Aggretsuko Season 3”

You Should Watch Aggretsuko on Netflix

Netflix will release season 3 of a show called Aggretsuko tomorrow (27 Aug 2020). I am very excited and I’ll definitely be reviewing this new season in the coming days. I love this show. I’m here to recommend that you give the series a watch. It is one of the finest shows Netflix has producedContinue reading “You Should Watch Aggretsuko on Netflix”