It’s weird to watch The Lord of the Rings in 2020

As mentioned in our Twilight film rankings, I recently made a deal with my wife in which I would watch Twilight with her in exchange for her watching The Lord of the Rings with me. This past week, we watched the entire extended trilogy. Though I have seen the trilogy several times, it’s been aContinue reading “It’s weird to watch The Lord of the Rings in 2020”

Chernobyl is a dark prophecy of Trump’s America during a pandemic

This past month, I subscribed to the new streaming service called HBO Max. I did this for two reasons: to watch films made by Studio Ghibli, and to watch Chernobyl. Rest assured, we’ll discuss Studio Ghibli in the future. But tonight, I finished watching Chernobyl.  Chernobyl is a mini-series (5 episodes in total) which airedContinue reading “Chernobyl is a dark prophecy of Trump’s America during a pandemic”

Black Panther vs Aquaman

Welcome to Film Luck’s first ever Movie Duel! This will be a recurring series in which we look at two movies that were released within a short time of each other and have a great deal of similarity. This has happened many times over the history of cinema. Sometimes, it is one studio brazenly copyingContinue reading “Black Panther vs Aquaman”

What I learned from the Diversity Day episode of The Office

The Office is one of the greatest sitcoms in history. It is brilliantly written and acted. It’s endlessly quotable. It has also been remarkably influential on television shows made after it. Occasionally, the show managed to be thought-provoking and insightful on top of everything else. Let’s talk today about one of these instances. It occurredContinue reading “What I learned from the Diversity Day episode of The Office”

Should Song of the South be on Disney+?

Last night I finally saw Song of the South (hereafter referred to as Song, for short). There’s a lot that can be (and has been) said about this film. What I’d like to focus on today is the question of whether or not Song should be featured on Disney+. Disney has the vast majority ofContinue reading “Should Song of the South be on Disney+?”