Review: Woke Season 1

Woke is part comedy and part drama. It is a show somewhat based (Ihave no idea how accurately) on the life of a real person named Keith Knight. Inthe show, his name is Keef Knight. Keef is a cartoonist. He draws a silly comicstrip called Toast and Butter. It is light-hearted and has mass appeal.Continue reading “Review: Woke Season 1”

Review: I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Last night, my wife and I watched a new movie on Netflix called I’m Thinking of Ending Things. It’s based on a book (which I’ve never read). It was adapted for the screen by Charlie Kaufman, who also directed it. If you don’t know him by name, he’s the man who wrote Eternal Sunshine ofContinue reading “Review: I’m Thinking of Ending Things”

Review: Aggretsuko Season 3

Season 3 of Aggretsuko was released on Netflix this weekend. My wife and I binged the whole thing and now I’m here to discuss my thoughts on the season with you. This review will be spoiler-filled. Do not read it if you haven’t watched all of Season 3. If you’d like to know my thoughtsContinue reading “Review: Aggretsuko Season 3”

Review: The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Over the course of this past week, my wife and I watched Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy. If you’d like to read my spoiler-free thoughts on the first season, click here. This blog is a review of Season 2.  If you’d like the short, non-spoiler version, here you go: It’s good! I really enjoyedContinue reading “Review: The Umbrella Academy Season 2”

Avatar: The Last Airbender is now on Netflix. Here is why you should watch it!

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an animated television show that aired on Nickelodeon in the mid 2000’s. It is one of the best TV shows ever made. It is now available to watch on Netflix in the U.S, and everyone should watch it. It’s like a combination of the best elements of Star Wars andContinue reading “Avatar: The Last Airbender is now on Netflix. Here is why you should watch it!”